Tenant Quality

We have been in business for many years now, and we have dealt with hundreds of tenants. Majority of our tenants are good. Some times, we do come across bad tenants. When I say bad tenants it could mean any combination of the following behaviour: they could be rude and not considerate to fellow roommates and housekeeping staff; they could be abusive; they may boss around people; they could put everyone's safety at risk; they waste shared resources like water & electricity; sometimes they violate SimplyGuest terms. They make life difficult for fellow residents, service staff, and the neighbourhood. It's difficult to deal with them. They collude with other flatmates and shut out anything that affects their bad behavior. Anything that comes in the way of their bad behaviour will be stopped, or avoided. This affects overall quality of the house; housekeeping doesn't happen, service staff starts to avoid these houses - either because they are not welcome, or they start thinking the quality is already bad, and their skipping of duty won't get noticed.

A lot of our houses have some quite, non-trouble-making, introverted tenants. We hardly hear from them. They only ping us if there is a service issue; we haven't heard from some tenants in years. We like it this way; maintain service quality and get out of their way. Biggest problem with low quality tenants is that they attract even lower quality flatmates; they suppress minor, but good tenants. Over a period, all the good ones leave, leaving behind bad tenants.

Issues arising from bad tenants are significant; the association or the owner may ask us to vacate the house; other tenants may not feel safe. If SimplyGuest staff has to show the house to prospective tenants we are always scared what we might encounter during the visit.

When we have sufficient proof that a tenant is bad we ask them to vacate — sometimes, but rarely, bad tenants self correct and the overall quality improves. This means we may have to keep the place empty for a period until we find a replacement, but in general this loss is offset by not having to deal with issues arising from bad tenants.

On the other hand, having good tenants has positive effects on pretty much everything; we have fewer issues, neighbourhood is happy, no flatmate related issues, waste gets segregated, service staff is happy to serve them; and, more importantly, they are good for business.

It takes an effort to maintain this quality; left as is, tenant quality goes down.