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Whether you are a student or a working professional, deciding where to stay in the city when you are alone is often a choice between cost, comfort, and community. While your own apartment may seem like a good idea in terms of privacy, amenities etc., it also means high costs and increasingly frequent bouts of loneliness. And while PGs (paying guest) and hostels may make you feel like part of a community with their twin-sharing and triple-sharing rooms, they also almost always bring with them bad food, cramped spaces, binding rules and what not.

Introducing First SimplyGuest Hostel - En Casa

While it may seem impossible to find a balance between the three, that is exactly what SimplyGuest Hostels offer. Set in one of the most serene localities off Bannerghatta Road, our first hostel - En Casa, is a place that gives you your own space, but also a shoulder to lean upon when you need one. A place that gives you tastefully furnished interiors, but also the means to lend them your own personal touch. A place that serves you the best of food – Indian and otherwise – but also lets you use the kitchen when you’re craving that recipe from home. A place that lacks nothing in security, but also gives you your freedom without enforcing any curfews upon you.

The ground floor is a common space where you can watch TV, play some board games or just tell your paying guest friends about your day over a cup of tea. There is also a large table where you could eat together, just like a family. The freshly-cooked food put on this table thrice a day will certainly ensure that you won’t want to miss any of it! While Shalini, the resident caretaker, makes fantastic food, the owner – who goes by Deepu – is a culinary enthusiast who whips up exciting dishes with the choicest of ingredients whenever he gets time. You’re likely to find anything from pasta alfredo to prawn masala on your plate here!

SimplyGuest Hostel Dining Areai Hostel inmates having a dinner SimplyGuest Hostel Kitchen

There are only 12 rooms in the entire building, 4 per floor, and all the rooms have attached washrooms, and are well furnished to take care of all your needs. They are available on a twin-sharing, triple-sharing or on a private basis. There is only one entry to the hostel and the building is secure from all sides; a biometric sensor will be installed soon so you can come and go as you please. There are however, no curfews, and you can return to your hostel whenever you want to. Whether you choose twin-sharing, triple-sharing or a private room, the building is spacious enough to guarantee your privacy at all times!

The hostel is also equipped with the best of appliances; a 50 inch TV on the ground floor to watch the cricket world cup with your hostel mates, enough washing machines so you don’t have to wait in long lines to wash your clothes, all essential kitchen appliances (including an oven) so you don’t have to compromise on your experiments with food, high-speed unlimited WiFi, power backup and so on.

SimplyGuest Advantages

The SimplyGuest banner also provides you with additional comforts- all payments are done online so there’s no need to write a cheque or withdraw dangerous amounts from the ATM. You can share expenses with other hostel mates easily. All complaints can be tracked online and are fixed effortlessly. Most importantly, consistent quality is guaranteed as the hostels are managed and operated professionally. For some reason if you feel hostels aren’t your thing and want to move in to a private flat, we will help you move.

Making your hostel a home

At the end of the day, you are a paying guest in name only at a SimplyGuest hostel. You are, in truth, part of a community and at the same time, you have the freedom to do what you want to, inside and outside the well furnished rooms of the building. The surrounding locality is beautiful and peaceful with several parks located very close to the hostel so you can finally start working out like you’ve always meant to. The owners Deepu and Priya as well as the caretaker, Shalini, are warm and friendly, and are more than happy to interact with you and help you with anything you may need. So come see for yourself and make a home out of your hostel. Visit the hostel web page or call us at 7406 77 99 11 to book it.

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