Request For Houses

If you are a house owner, a real estate builder, or land owner and want to build for SimplyGuest, or attach an existing property with us read the following sections to know more. SimplyGuest operates only in a few localities of Bangalore, limiting our ability to on board new properties. We also have some specifications that new properties must meet.

Modern 1-Person Studio Rooms

Urban demography has changed in ways most builders and house owners can't imagine. Lot more people are single, and they are happy. We see married people living in different cities; they only live together during weekends. They can afford good housing; A 2BHK or a 3BHK doesn't suit them; it's too big for one person, and they don't want to share the house with others.

What do they want? A quite, self-contained place of approximately 160-300 sqft, a kitchenette, attached washroom, preferably a balcony. If they want to cook, they should be able to. They want to come in and go out at any time without fear of neighbours peeping, or security reporting to the housing association. Additionally, the building should have power backup, lift, access control, and 24hr water supply.

SimplyGuest is looking for these kind of properties in the following areas. If you have >10 such units, please reach out to us on

Apart from these Modern 1-Person Studio Rooms, we also have need for compact 1BHKs for couples, and 3BHKs; visit Request For Houses for a list of areas we are currently interested in.