Working remotely

We are a tiny team. 3 full time and one part time. We don’t have an office where we can all work together. We all work from wherever we are. I mostly work from home. Mayank works from parks to cafes to IISC, sometimes from his hometown Udaipur. If not at any of these he works from home. All he needs is a phone and a 4G network on it. He goes on long bicycle trips, many hours at a stretch some times. But his work is never affected. Bicycle on Rent at

Ambarish is mostly on road and works from home otherwise. If some property requires his eyes, he installs a remote camera and monitors from his mobile.

Both of them need just their phones to work productively while I need my computer and a broadband connection. In emergencies a decent mobile internet connection will do the job just fine, its sufficient to connect to our servers remotely using ConnectBot.

We talk on phone multiple times a day, several hours some times.

All of us have different rhythms and productivity setups. We can’t change it without affecting our productivity. Mayank would’ve completed half his work by the time I wake up. I am only half-awake when we have our first call in the morning, but Mayank is full of energy. The reverse happens during the night.

All the support and services coordination happens over WhatsApp. All of us hardly meet, me and Mayank meet once a fortnight but I meet Ambarish few times a week mostly because we do property visits together.

We don’t attend any conferences. We don’t do meetings at all. We don’t entertain requests from external entities for meetings. It’s very rare we do a face-to-face meeting unless you are a property owner. We have taken out physical presence as a consideration to cooperate effectively. It doesn’t matter where we are physically. This opens up a lot of possibilities, the biggest is, we can travel freely and be on vacation without affecting the work. I feel free to explore other interesting problems.