Property onboarding software

SimplyGuest is structured like an onion; at its core we are property managers. We need to maintain precise details about the structure of the property, fixtures, furniture, assets, utility connections, and other factors that support living like borewell, sumps, water, sewage, generator, etc. This also helps us with entry and exit checklists. But more than that it helps us provide an efficient service and in turn lower our servicing cost.

When we take up a new property we take a detailed inventory of it using our custom-built software. First step is the floor layout:

The green icon indicates the space has a door.

Door is just a door right? Close it and open it...Done? No! Designing this part turned out to be the most challenging. When you change the "Open/Close Mechanism" it shows you an appropriate graphic explaining the concept making it easy for the person taking inventory.

A future version of this software will recommend how many duplicates we will need and if the door and its lock require any security enhancements.


Floor plan of an entire building could be too big to be captured in a single structure, especially when its large. So we divide the data across buildings and individual houses and link them up. Moreover, this isn't meant to replace an engineer's floor plan.


The software is designed to work well on mobiles; you can just drag and drop the spaces inside the floor plan to rearrange them.

One big advantage of this approach is it allows us to build a 3D model of the floor plan without cumbersome and expensive floor planning software. We have many other things planned on top of this.

Last summer a customer wanted to install a ceiling fan. We sent a technician to install it only to realize the room had a false ceiling! I wish we had the following form to capture that data and hand it to the technician as a preparatory step.

Before finalizing a flat a lot of our customers ask us how long the power backup will last? We can't scramble to get that data. This data also helps us service the batteries regularly.

Some people are more worried about security than amenities or flatmates. For them we have these:

We once had a customer who wanted to take the flat only if it had a functional lift as she was unable to walk the stairs. The house had to be on the ground floor, or at least the building should have a lift.



What she didn't ask us, but we knew from experience she would come back to us later was: How does the lift behave when power goes away? This helps us warn the tenants before hand.

A good portion of our tenants are fitness enthusiasts. They would like to know if they can work out and plan their training within the complex. Most real-estate brokers will say there is a gym but it may not have proper equipment. If you take a house at SimplyGuest we have you covered!

This is a very detailed inventory and takes us many hours to onboard a single 3BHK. But this is a one time activity, and the data makes servicing the houses efficient. Instead of 2 visits to fix a latch - one to see what kind of locking mechanism it has, and another to actually fix it - we just need one.

This is an early version of the software. We will tweak and optimize it based on our field experience and build interesting things on top of this. Some of this data will start flowing in to our search filters as well to make discovering appropriate houses faster.