LPG Usage


SimplyGuest houses come with a fully functional kitchen. As part of it, we provide a gas stove and provide unlimited LPG. Our guests just have to call us when the cylinder becomes empty and we replace the empty cylinder with a full one. How much LPG does our tenants use?

Home delivery of cylinders by SimplyGuest

Home delivery of cylinders by SimplyGuest

We have one LPG connection per house. Over the last one year we have replaced 77 cylinders. That's 3.3 cylinders per house. A cylinder purchased every 5 days. Some houses have never exhausted their very first cylinder, while one particular house consumes one complete cylinder every month.

Are exits linked anyway to LPG usage?

LPG usage is an indication of how close the flatmates have become. Its difficult to cook for just oneself. So most people, even the ones who love cooking, often eat outside or get food delivered home. The following chart shows house-wise usage of LPG and their exits. Bars in the chart are rarely balanced, they are heavier one one side most of the time. Houses that use up more LPG have fewer exits. The opposite is also true. That's good news for us. Customer acquisition cost is a lot higher than LPG cylinder cost.

We see many flatmates hire an external cook. This is more common than we thought. Obviously, wherever there is a cook, LPG usage is also higher.

Some houses use so little LPG, they still have the same cylinder we provided them in the beginning (Royal Palace 101 and 110). Strangely, the exit rates in these two flats are very low. 101 has just one exit in the last 14 months. This appears like an outlier.

Flats can have variable number of tenants, the least is two, the most is seven, and the average is four. I haven't considered this in the chart. This will be a differentiator. I'll probably update the chart later.

We see electricity getting wasted in most houses, people just leave the lights, fans, geysers on even when they are not using. Warnings haven't helped. Unlike electricity LPG doesn't get wasted. As in, nobody leaves the stove on. That'd be catastrophic.