Announcing Flatmate Expenses


Although SimplyGuest pays for many essential things in our flats, flatmates will spend on a few things that must be split among other flatmates. Drinking water cans and cleaning liquids are common examples. When flatmates hire a cook they buy groceries together; it's a hassle to maintain another app just for these. Moreover, external apps or notebooks don't help you settle up. You still have to exchange money at the end of the month.

We have built a tool to solve this problem. Take a look: adding an expense is easy.

SimplyGuest: Add an expense and specify the flatmate shares

Your flatmates are automatically selected. If a flatmate joined after the spent on date you can't split the expense with that person. You can split an expense equally or however you want it. Spent date can't be in the future, and you can't add an expense more than Rs 2000. You can upload the bill or receipt of the expense.

Once an expense is added all other flatmates get to see a beautiful pie chart showing them the distribution when they login. They can accept or reject the expense.

flatmate shares and owners view

As and when flatmates take an action, either accept or reject an expense, you get a notification. If they reject an expense, you can talk to them and see why they rejected it, and settle it.

At the end of the month, the expense is settled automatically along with the rent. You can see the expense details in your rent invoice. You don't have to chase that elusive, always-in-the-nightshift flatmate to get back your money.

Flatmate can accept an expense

Oh! One of the flatmates vacated quietly without settling the expense? You don't have to worry if you have added the expense. SimplyGuest takes care of collecting their share of the expense!

We hope this tool helps you live better. Let us know what you think.