Rental advice for people moving from Delhi to Bangalore

A friend who is relocating from Delhi called me yesterday and asked me this:

A want to rent a 3BHK house in an apartment, but the ones I visited are small buildings that they call as apartments and don't have any facilities that an apartment provides and they are inside some inaccessible roads. The naming is also confusing me as they are named like: 'ABC Grandeur' or 'XYZ Deluxe' or 'XYZ Elite' or 'ABC Luxury'. I am confused. How do I rent a decent apartment?

Here is the summary of what I suggested him.

'Apartment' has a different meaning and connotations in Bangalore than in Delhi or Mumbai. A building with 6 flats spread across 4 floors and built on a 1200 sqft land may be called an apartment in Bangalore. These exotic names came into practice when the IT revolution took place; small land owners started using it as a marketing trick. Its' the norm now.

What you are looking for is a large society with at least 100 flats. If you are using a broker don't go with everything they say. Their sense of quality is lower than yours, and they're driven by the commission they earn. Some societies have namesake amenities: a gym with one treadmill; a lift that can barely take 2 people; a watchman who can barely walk. You have to weed out all these niggles before you even make a visit the flat.

These two filters should help you narrow down the search.