Analyzing website traffic of

After my payments gateway article I haven't written much about technical or developer oriented stuff. I want to break that this year. One of the difficult things to get right when you are starting out is, where to start with the website on! How much traffic will you get? What kind of users? Where do they access the website from? Mobile Vs Desktop? Which browser should I test the website? Too many questions and not much information is out there to help you out. This post is about all of that with respect to public website. All the screenshots here are directly taken from Google Analytics dashboard.

Mobile or Desktop?

Should I target desktop or mobile, or both? That's a question I had when I started building website (I am not from mobile-first generation, I still prefer a proper keyboard). Here is a definitive answer.

Only 40% of traffic comes from desktop screens, everything else comes from mobile screens. traffic: mobile vs desktop

Operating System Distribution traffic: Operating System Distribution

Which browser is more popular? traffic: Which browser is more popular

Which mobile is more popular? traffic: Which mobile is more popular?

The above chart seems to be all over the place, with no single dominant player. Although iPhone seems to be the most used mobile browser... it's actually not. Only 15% of visitors use iPhone, all others are on Android. Google Analytics doesn't know how to group them all under one brand yet, it seems to understand only Apple/iOS. If I combine all Xiaomi phones their share is 11%; OnePlus is also at 11%.

Prominent Screen Resolutions traffic: Prominent Screen Resolutions

Which city sends more traffic? traffic: mobile vs desktop

Same thing on a map! traffic: Which city sends more traffic?

Indian Government doesn't seem to use Google Analytics, otherwise they would have sent a notice to Sundar Pichai directly for showing J&K and Arunachal Pradesh differently than rest of India 😘

Male Vs Female Visitors traffic: mobile vs desktop

What about age groups? traffic: Male Vs Female Visitors

Browser Development Environment

Mobile has become so dominant, I use that as my primary testing environment. It's like a mobile-first development approach. I ensure mobile screen is tested first before moving on to bigger screens.

SimplyGuest team is mostly on road, and we have to use our backend software on mobile screens. I use the same test-on-mobile-first approach to our backend software as well. traffic: Browser Development Environment