Announcing Bicycles on Rent


We are always thinking of how to make living in our flats better. Short distance transport is a challenge in cities. Commuting 1-3 kilometers is an annoying problem that our guests face. Aditi, one of our guests, wanted a way to go to gym at 5 in the morning. Autos and taxis weren't available at that time of the day — even if they were, they may not start their engines for a 2 kilometer ride. Buying a bicycle was an overkill. Renting appeared like a reasonable thing to do, but the cheapest bicycle rental was Rs 350/day. That was about a month back.

Bicycle on Rent at

Today we are introducing bicycles on rent, exclusively for SimplyGuest tenants. You can rent a good bicycle for Rs 99/day. That's 3.5 times less than the market price. Its gets even cheaper if you want to rent for an entire week: 399/week, that's Rs 57 a day. Hold your breath still, its Rs 999/month if you rent it for an entire month, that's Rs 33 for an entire day, less than a plate of idli vada!

You don't have to pay for the bicycle at the time of hire. It will get added to your monthly rent and gets settled at the end of the month automatically. The deal continues to get sweeter — there is no security deposit for bicycle. We trust you.

The bicycles are stationed at multiple locations, in SimplyGuest flats. You can pick them up wherever you want and drop them back at the same location.

Head over to SimplyGuest Store to book your first eco-friendly ride!

Bicycle on Rent at

Aditi is elated to try the bicycle! Gym starts from home.

Bicycle on Rent at